About Me

As a parent, my children have always come first. To me, nothing is more important than family. I love spending time with my daughters and giving them the best start in life that I can.

As a coach, my motivation is the happiness of the families that I help. By identifying behaviours, triggers, thoughts, influences and limited beliefs, families can then use the skills that I teach them, to create long-term change for themselves. The smallest of adaptations in our regular behaviour, can have a hugely positive impact on family life.

I’m also passionate about social change and the need to redress the balance between the masculine and feminine values in society. I believe in moving away from the patriarchal model, which has dominated society for so long, to one in which the benefits of nurturing and understanding are more valued.

My background
I’m a strong advocate for personal development and transformation. I’ve spent the whole of my working life coaching and training people of all ages, to communicate more effectively:

I trained as a professional actor and facilitator
I’ve worked with doctors, consultants, registrars, universities and businesses on developing their communication skills in a corporate setting
I was involved in theatre for young people, devising new shows for children from age 4 to the teenage years and also for young offenders
You may have seen me on TV, presenting a regular show on CBeebies
I’ve worked as a communication support worker in British sign language
I’ve used coaching skills since 2002 and became an accredited coach in 2010

The principles that I teach, reflect my own values and beliefs and underpin the way I parent my own children. This has given me a valuable insight and empathy for when I’m coaching other parents.

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