Family Freedom

What does family freedom mean to you?

If your child is having daily meltdowns, lashing out physically or verbally or just ignoring you so it feels like you are talking to a brick wall, it's exhausting. You have no time or energy, and there is little joy in being a parent when you are just surviving. If they have not yet hit puberty you are probably thinking you want to get this sorted out before they do and there is a whole other layer of complexity added into the mix. There is no freedom for you or them. You end up feeling powerless and like a failing mum, and guilty that you can't help them feel better.

Firstly you are not alone, and it can change, even if you don't know how right now.

It changes with some support, simple skills and some consistency. One of the keys is firm loving boundaries, which still allow you to parent in a respectful way in alignment with your values.

I meet many mums who put everyone else first and leave themselves with the dregs, of food, of time, of everything. They sacrifice themselves, and end up feeling undervalued and unappreciated.


Partly it's because we live in a society that teaches us that that is what being a good mother is. These messages start as soon as we are born.

The irony is it's not only a lie, but the more you step into being true to yourself, have loving firm boundaries, it actually serves the whole family way more. You benefit, your partner benefits and your children benefit from having a powerful role model. The freedom to be ourselves and know that we will still be loved ... what a gift to give our children!

As a legacy coach I help you get clarity around the legacy you want to leave for your family. Most parents I meet want to do things differently to how they were brought up, and I see in my own family every generation has improved. With simple and very effective skills as well as emotional support you can make quantum leaps in a short amount of time, and change the trajectory of your family for ever.

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