Financial Freedom

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?
Most UK families need between £2,000 and £3,000 a month to pay their bills and cover their living costs.

My goal was to get to a place of earning £5,000 a month and beyond so I can cover our family costs and pay off the debt that I had accrued from the previous short fall. Within 5 months I had done this, and started helping other women do the same in a shorter period of time.
I realised the missing piece for me to accelerate my results was 1:1 coaching, and started providing that for my women, to help them collapse the timeline, and create their financial freedom in 12 weeks or less.

And so Legacy Life was born...

Helping women create family and financial freedom fast.
A fabulous double whammy with the parenting, family dynamics and business coaching available. Lets face it, they are all interconnected.
These are some of my clients results

A £5k month within 12 weeks

Natasha was so close when she recorded this testimonial and in the following 2 weeks reached her goal. She went from feeling frustrated and thinking she would have to get a job, to having a business that creates the financial independence she desires..

£15k within 15 weeks

Hema was struggling to pay her rent and felt so far away from her goal of donating £100k to the samaritans, a cause close to her heart. She is passionate about creating a Legacy. She sailed straight past her £5k in a month goal. In January she finished up closer to £7k..

2020 was an incredible year for me and my family when I was able to step into the next part of my legacy life, despite the many difficult things about the year: My step dad dying, a global pandemic, the black lives matter movement raking up old wounds, and having our girls at home for much of the year.

My partner is a full time dad and I provide the income for our family, and I was not doing a very good job. There were more outgoings than income, and something had to change!

Is it the same for you?

I had the skills gained over 30 years, the community, the ability, but wasn't quite joining all the dots together. I was massively under charging for the work I do, and pouring from an empty cup.
I had a desire to have a prosperous family and financial life, and with the fab skills I've been honing over many years my family life was pretty sorted. The financial part not so much!
Having a desire was not enough. Having a vision was also not enough, those things left me still wanting.
Last night I realised what changed for me and made all the difference was having a DVD combination.


Many times I thought I'd made the DECISION but I hadn't really.
When I did and took action in alignment with this decision and invested more than I ever had before in someone who could guide me, everything changed.
Are you ready to change?

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