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I started thinking about legacy when my first child died.
That’s when I started thinking about how I can help others who endure hardship, who experience devastating loss like I did. What good can come from this experience ... what are the lessons and blessings? If I’m going to go through this agony something good has to come from it. Surely that’s the polarity of life.

Growing - dying
Pleasure - pain
Love - loss

I know many people set up a charity when they want to help others and this is something I plan to do in the future. In that first year my husband and I applied for funding and the story capture project was born. Helping bereaved parents heal and process their loss through story. For many years I have thought about writing a book and actually have a few rattling around inside, waiting to come out.

When I looked at what book I would write this year, the idea for a collaboration around legacy came. What a brilliant way to bring together my 20 years of experience of holding space for others & publishing my first book! A collection of inspiring chapters from a variety of people who all have a big vision, a mission to make an impact on many lives, for the good of all. Providing inspiration and hope for those wanting to create life on their terms and break free from the limitations of the past. To help us get out of a narrow view of what life can be.

  • If You are a soul led entrepreneur who wants to get your message out into the world.
  • If you are ready to share your story of how you have grown your business, have connected with better health, have had a turning point that meant you changed your life or got connected with your purpose.
  • If you have an inspiring story to share with the world and want to become a published author this year, apply via the button below.

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