Services I Offer

My coaching encompasses everything that is needed to effect change within a family. I help women create family freedom & financial freedom fast, so you can have a calm, happy family AND a thriving online business.

Rather than just working on one aspect of parenting or business, eg. skills, counselling or strategy, my packages combine 5 key elements, that work in conjunction with each other. The 5 pillars of transformation, will take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Legacy Life - Your vision, Mission, short and long term goals

Love – building a connection, attachment and self love
How to ... – focusing on practical skills that get results
Marvellous mindset mayhem – identifying and exploring thoughts, beliefs, feelings, habits, programming and social influences
Creating consistency – continuing to implement the changes that are working, in order to achieve longer term benefits

It is this unified approach that makes the process so successful in achieving happier families and profitable businesses.

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