How to talk so kids will listen UK

What the Sessions Cover

1. Understanding Children’s Feelings

An exploration of what happens to children when their feelings are denied.  How daily battles can be overcome when children are understood.  Skills to help children recognise and cope with negative feelings, such as disappointment, anger, frustration, resentment, envy etc.  Limiting unacceptable behaviour whilst still maintaining respect.

2. Engaging Cooperation

Addressing the conflict of needs between parents and children.  Examining parents’ expectations.  How children react to commonly used methods to cooperate; threats, warnings, orders, name-calling, sarcasm, lecturing, etc.  Five ways to invite cooperation that will leave parents and children feeling good about themselves and each other.

3. Alternatives to Punishment

Understand what happens to children when they are punished.  Is it necessary to rely on punishment as a means of discipline?  Some alternatives to punishment that enable parents to express their strong disapproval as well as encourage children to assume responsibility for their behaviour.  Problem-solving for persistent discipline issues.

4. Encouraging Autonomy

Ways to encouraging children’s independence.  Six skills that help children become more responsible for themselves.  Motivating children to be helpful around the house.  More effective alternatives to saying “No!”

5. Praise and Self-Esteem

Using descriptive praise to radically change a child’s self-image.  Explore ways in which unhelpful praise can be damaging.  How children can identify their strengths and act to achieve real results.  Reversing the parental criticism cycle.

6. Freeing Children from their Stereotypes

How children can be cast into roles (bully, whiner, dawdler, picky-eater, etc).  How behaviour is transformed by freeing them from these roles.  How parents’ views of their children affects how children see themselves.  Six skills to help children have a better opinion of themselves.

7. Final Review

A chance to consolidate what has been learned by applying all the skills of the previous sessions to current challenges with your children.

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