How to talk so kids will listen UK

What are your preferences

I am going to run more How To Talk courses in the future, so would like to know what suits you best.

The form to the right is to gather your preferences for time of day, location and frequency of the course; together with a couple of other questions.  From the information collected I will choose a time and place that fits with as many people as possible for the next course.  

As you will have already read, the course is over 7 sessions, each about 2 hours long (hence the time slots).  

So please follow these instructions, give me your preferences and help provide a course convenient for you.

  1. Check all of the time slots that you are able to attend for each day.
  2. If your children are in school, it may be difficult to attend a course during the holidays.  If so, check 'Term Time Only' and I'll take that into account.
  3. Where would you like the course?
  4. Please tell us if you know of a good, reasonably priced venue in your area that has audio visual equipment.
  5. If you are part of a group that would like the course, please let us know how many could commit to doing the course, together with your group name.
  6. There is homework each week and techniques to practice, so would you like the course delivered over 7 consecutive weeks, or spread out more over 14 weeks.  Check both if you don't mind which.
  7. This question will help me gauge if you are very committed to participate e.g. know that you'll benefit from doing the course and are willing to be flexible to make that happen. Pretty committed e.g. think you'll benefit, want to do the course but only if it fits in easily with your schedule. Not very e.g. sounds interesting but not sure it will be useful or that you can spare the time.  
  8. It may be that you'd love to do the course, but there is something preventing you.  It could be the cost, childcare issues, unable to attend every session, accessibility or something else.  Tell us about it and I may be able to help.  And please fill in everything else on the form too.
  9. There is always room for improvement and this form is no different.  If there is anything you think needs to be added, let me know here.
  10. You don't have to give your contact details, but it will help me fit people to preferences to courses.

Course format

As you will have already read, the course is over 7 sessions, each about 2 hours long (hence the time slots).  

Participants learn a set of skills each session, guided by their facilitator. This is alongside a video group, lead by the authors of the book. There are opportunities for discussion and practice throughout the sessions. At the end of each one participants have skills to practice in their lives, and reading to support them. We start each subsequent meeting sharing how our practice has gone (positive or negative), and any parts of the reading that we found interesting or useful.

Course Request Form

Instructions are to the left.

1. Your availability:








2. Are the time slots you've selected:

6. How frequently would you like the course meetings?

7. How committed are you to doing the course?

Please double check your details are correct before submitting.