Seven Week series starting 15th August 2022

This How to talk so kids will listen course is inspired by the one designed by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

Have you
- been struggling with your child not listening to you, having big emotions & not knowing how to deal with it?
- tried time outs, rewarding them, taking things away from them but it didn't sit well with you
- listened to the podcasts, trawled the internet & nothing has worked.

Thousands of people have used these skills & they work!

It's time to forget the gimmicks and invest in these tried and tested skills for those who want to parent in gentle ways but still have firm loving boundaries.
After delivering Adele & Elaine's course for 10 years I have created my own version inspired by them, sharing my own modern experiences and those of some of the families I have worked with.

"These skills make a difference. Getting involved with Sarah's courses will be invaluable and change how you see and manage your children (and your partners and friends!). You will also benefit from Sarah's years of experience and in-depth knowledge."

~ Kathryn Smith, Child Psychologist

Kathryn signed up for my courses to see if they could help her professionally. She has seen these skills work well with children waiting for support from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.) who have been able to come off the waiting list because of the improvements!

Over the 7 weeks I will take you through 7 modules:
- Acknowledging feels
- Engaging cooperation
- Alternatives to punishment
- Encouraging Autonomy
- Descriptive Praise
- Freedom from Roles
-Recap and evaluation

These skills will help you go from struggling with day to day battles to restoring calm and joy in your parenting.


Katie shares her experience of how my course helped her with her children and in her role as a teacher.

Karen went from being worried and anxious and exhausted and got so much more time and freedom with her parenting. She shares what she got out of the course. Reading a book & putting it into practice is so different!

There is a weekly discussion and coaching session to help you deepen your understanding and learning. These will be available to everyone who has booked the course.

If you love How to talks so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk books, you will love this course!

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