How to talk so kids will listen UK

The Parenting Challenge

Every other occupation, from driving a van to performing surgery, requires months or years of training. Only the job of raising children seems to come with little or no training.  Yet, it is a profoundly important job. Living with children can present many daily challenges, conflicting demands on our time, and leave us feeling exhausted and helpless.

These workshops address how to parent with respect and encourage effective two-way communication. They offer timeless skills needed in all stages of parenting.

Participants often find that learning how to truly listen and respect other people's autonomy and feelings can also help improve other relationships in their lives, including with friends, employers and other family members.

What Parents Say...

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the course or what I would gain from it. I’m so pleased you persisted with me. It’s the best thing I did last year, and this is the year I found yoga which completely transformed my life!

Joanna, mother and Tax Advisor

I got so much more out of the How to Talk course than I could ever have imagined. It was immensely reassuring to work within a group of parents who experience similar struggles to myself. We learnt so much from each other and experienced together the benefit of using the strategies covered on the course. 

Having used the book in a professional capacity with parents within a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, it was rewarding to then use it as a parent and reap the benefits of a parenting method that promotes respect and confidence for both parent and child. I will continue to advise any parent I meet, either at work or in my personal life, to read this book and complete the course where possible. 

Anybody can make these important changes to the way they tackle the challenges of parenthood, so that the joys outweigh them. I want to do the course again!

 mother of 2 and Clinical Psychologist

Since doing the course I have a lot more techniques, making day to day life much easier.  Both myself and the children have seen a positive difference in the behavior in our house.  I'd highly recommend it!

full time mum of 2 

I found this course to be really enjoyable, interesting and useful. I have told so many of my friends about both the book and course, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Really excellent Sarah, Thank you so much! 

Liability Accounts Manager, mum of 2

I'm really glad I did the course. I had read the book beforehand, but I think the opportunity to look at the skills in more depth and discuss them with others has really helped me put them into practice more effectively. It's helped our son age 3 stop throwing things when he's upset (almost completely!), and everyone is much happier.

Full time Mum of 2

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